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digital anglerule

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Digital Anglerule

Technical data

Item No. 82305

Measuring range: 0°„~999.9°„

Resolution: 0.1°„

Accuracy: 0.3°„

Working temperature: 0~50°ś

Working humidity: °‹85%RH

Battery: CR2032 3V lithium battery


Woodworking: adjusting angles of table saw, miter saw, band saw etc.

Vehicle maintenance and repairing


Steching, drawing

Medical treatment


This angle finder ruler could both measure angle and length, metric and imperial scale.

Calculating angles quickly and accurately, digital display clearly.

Easy operation with only two press buttons.

Good locking function could lock the measurement at any angle.

Compact structure to achieve convenient carrying and using.

Rulers of this digital angle finder made by durable stainless steel.

The angle finder could be well used to various fields instead of angle ruler, straight ruler and square ruler etc.

Easily drawing line with the stainless steel rulers.